A C T R E S S 

A C T R E S S ¿ 

After graduating with her Bachelor of Commerce Degree from Laurentian University in 2016 Kayla moved to Toronto to pursue acting.

During her final year of university, with no acting experience behind her, Kayla was given the opportunity to audition for a TV series filming in Sudbury. She divinely booked the role. She remembers waking up one morning after being told she was shortlisted and feeling as if she was
living in a MOVIE
living in a D R E A M? Shortly after booking her first role she signed with a local acting agency.

After booking her first role, she began taking acting classes at The Creative Outlet ((Formerly known as MAS)) located in Sudbury, ON

Before The Summer of '16
Two additional Toronto productions filmed in Sudbury and Kayla booked roles on each, making her a full ACTRA member. 

With nothing but Blind Faith, Kayla decided to move to Toronto, ON after graduation to follow the Yellow Brick Road at the only studio she sees as reputable;

LB Acting Studio.

Thank you for leading me
H O M E 

All my g r a t i t u d e, to you.



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