k  a  y  l  a     k  a  t  h  e  r  i  n  e 


Kayla Katherine is an Actress, Writer, Poet, Healer and  Divine Channel. She has embarked on a plethora of "Heros Journeys" [ see; Joseph Campbell]. 
 several lessons, several years and a lot of hard inner work on self, Kayla found her true,  W i l d f i r e  E s s e n c e. 


With a high focus on the importance of Self Love, Kayla leads and mentors young women and souls of all age categories | onto the Journey of Healing | and the Journey of Discovery of Self . She stress' the important of L O V E from within that one most hold before choosing to embark on the Journey of Purpose & The Journey of Earthly Missions.

Kayla is one of the many souls worldwide who is here to balance out the  energies here on earth, leading with love and leading with light as enabled her to live a life beyond her   w i l d e s t   d r e a m s.

With only eighty to a hundred earth on our planet, she plans to make it to one twenty and ensures every waking moment until then, she is bettering the planet and her Self; physically, mentally and|or energetically.

Kayla is grateful to her Best Friend, Jenna Bowler Cooke; for her undivided support throughout her spiritual awakening and her
m o o n l i g h t  l o v e r  
who she spent several years seeking. 

god gives his toughest battles to his strongest soldiers