k  a  y  l  a     k  a  t  h  e  r  i  n  e 


Kayla Katherine is an Actress, Writer, Poet, Healer and Divine Channel. Over the past several years Kayla embarked on a multitude of e x t r a o r d i n a r y experiences & frolicking "Hero Journeys" [ see; Joseph Campbell].  After a m i l l i o n to 1: life lessons, several years| of Saturn and 90 to 1 billion lifetimes of hard work [on self] Kayla located her true,  E s s e n c e. 


With a high focus on the importance of Self Love, Kayla leads and mentors women of all ages  | onto the Journey of S E L F | and the Journey of Discovery & The Journey of L O V E  [ f r o m within]. Kayla stress' the importance of scraping the walls of the past, inside oneself - to locate and live in L O V E of self. "Before we can discover our Purpose here on Earth, one must remove all barriers and blocks from this life, past lives and that of all ancestors lives; if this healing work is not done [felt, understood & released] stagnancy, confusion and depression will persist, haunt and daunt oneself; prohibiting the exploration and freedom of one's true essence"

Kayla is one of the few souls on earth spreading unfiltered truth of society, spiritual enlightenment and what it truly means to BE & live Free.  Leading with love and leading with light has equipped her to survive several Near Death Experiences, a 7-month PHYSICALLY Abusive Relationship and four years of E X T R E M E Spiritual Warfare.

" PAIN IS TEMPORARY"     (1993)

Kayla ensures she spends every waking moment she has bettering the planet, Self and empowering W O M E N to live authentically, confidently and free of barriers placed on them, before birth. Kayla is grateful to her Best Friend, Jenna Bowler Cooke; for her undivided support and teaching her what Unconditional Love feels like.  Kayla & her  saturn m o o n l i g h t  l o v e r  
now live in Peace.

god gives his toughest battles to his strongest soldiers

" i may have been 27, but i loved you like nine. i may have sat and watched you nightly, just like women in my history line. i may have been tried to take your scars. and bury them in roses. and then i woke at 5am. and noticed where your ghost was, it was in the corner of my room but since i've swept you like a broom. your remembering lingers and haunts you, while i sit and make a soft dust cold brew. you wanna see me Wait and Stay. but baby it has Come the Day, the day you knew would come for you: It's Ray Season it'll leave you blue. cause i've tasted brand new Skin and you can feel it from Within, your memory lingers and fades and i've forgotten your wretched ways. And He has come to save the day, it's the season, it's the season, of the rays.